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Thanks for your help. They are going to ship this suit to me; I had to take it back down to lengthen the sleeves even more and it just never occurred to me to say anything about the length of my jacket. I will measure it when I get back, my other three napolis measure from 28.5 to 30' in length. These suits are probably cranked out fast as hell and I would bet anything that each of them have different variations.
Quick question for anyone who has purchased or attempted to purchase more than one suit from SS in the same cut. Have you ever noticed MAJOR production differences from one suit to the next? I just purchased two Napolis from the store and had them shipped to my house in Maryland (from DC) which was a lower price due to taxes. I didn't notice this when I was in the store but one of the jackets is much shorter than the other, which doesn't seem like a coincidence now...
This is the jacket I am seeking in a size 48, I will pay a proxy a $50.00 finders fee on top of the shipping/paypal charges. http://www.neimanmarcus.com/en-it/Armani-Collezioni-Asymmetric-Zip-Tech-Jacket-Tipped-Short-Sleeve-Polo-Blue-Washed-Denim-Jeans/prod171010020/p.prod http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=503200096 Please email or PM me if you have this jacket for sale or have seen it in Barney's, Neiman Marcus, etc. and...
Anybody else besides online scammers?
Hello, I am either seeking a proxy or someone who is willing to sell the exact shirt I am looking for in size small. It is a blue and white striped H&M button down dress shirt with blue polka dots inside the collar, this is from their premium quality line. Please see the attached photos. I will either buy this off of someone used or if you would like to proxy I will pay you the full price of the shirt, the shipping fees, Paypal fees, and a $30.00 bonus for your time. ...
I am looking for an item from a few seasons ago from RLX Golf. It is a navy blue, 100% cashmere 1/2 zip sweater with two buttons at the top of the collar in size small. This sweater has popped up on eBay but never in this size and I have also missed the auctions for the mediums as well. Someone mentioned to me that it could be found at TJ Maxx or some other outlet stores including Ralph Lauren but unfortunately I do not have any of these near me. If you have one to...
Hello, I am looking for either a Michael Bastian or Gant by Michael Bastian Rugby/Polo pullover in size small. Something preferably striped but I will entertain offers for anything and pay more than a fair price for you to let it go. Please PM me if you have anything like what I am looking for. Thanks!
As the title says looking for a pair of J Brand Kane in Crafted Buoy Red size 32. Will pay what you paid for them or more. Please PM me.
Can anyone please proxy something for me from Wizwid in Korea? I will pay you a flat fee to order something from them, have it shipped to yourself then shipped to me. I would greatly appreciate it. Please e-mail me @ cjmorris21@gmail.com or PM me. Thanks, -Casey
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