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I know! Allison gave me 'til end of day to get my order in. I was thinking: Upper: Walnut CalfStitching: ChiliWelt: Chili FlatEdging: ChiliInsole: Leather w/purple sock linerOutsole: V-TreadHeel: Dovetail Split
What do you guys think of the Mora 2.0 in Walnut or Merlot? Trying to put together a poorman's Carmina Salinger.
 Very nice. There's a pair of chili Fairfax wholecuts at the Nordstorm Rack near me that tempt me every time I stop by.
 The Jefferson is a short wing while the Strand is a cap toe. It's most similar to the Mcallister rather than the Strand.
Beautiful boots! Can't understand why they were discontinued.
Thanks! MTO Portlands would be ridiculous. Something like Cognac Dublin or Burgundy CXL with a toasted edge and contrast stitching, I'd definitely buy those!I don't think either shoe was intended to be business casual. I would never wear my Ridgeways with anything other than jeans or cords, and the same would go for those Mctavishes. The brown distressed is very casual. I personally would not buy a shoe just because it's cheap. It'll always go straight to the back of the...
They're on the 222 last. A little narrow but probably my best fitting shoes outside my Ridgeways. I have feet flatter than a sheet of plywood, so I can't speak to the high instep fit!
Got my 2 for $250 haul last week. Bourbon Portlands and Tan Slatons!    
 The only JAB shoe made with the Poron insole is the Malone, which has no current AE equivalent.
 I have two pairs of AE LaSalles, and both have the poron insole. The Delrays have the normal, leather insole.
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