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These are all excellent answers, and they all make sense.   Answers to questions in case anyone is following:   They're actually my exact size, right down to the width (that was part of my surprise).   I do not actively fold my toes under when sitting at my desk, but I'll watch for that behavior. I may be doing so without realizing it.   I was defining crinkling as fine wrinkling, although I now realize that is not accurate.   Thanks all.
All,   I recently purchased a set of Carmina calf balmoral whole-cuts based on research and a forum query.   I maintain my shoes and always use a shoe tree, that while not lasted, is well fitting.   I've seen wrinkles, creases, and occasionally crinkles (toward the end of shoe life just before it finally cracks). However I've never seen crinkles within eight days of wear, and never this badly. They started on the first day, and have grown worse each...
Thank you, the Carmina Rain look great.
Would anyone mind providing guidance on where one might find plain balmoral wholecut shoes in 11.5EE (or near) under the $600 pricepoint?   It seems the selection is thin this season, or my googlefu is weak. Perhaps I've simply been priced out of my preferred style. Bergdorf and Barney's both sell 'store exclusives', but they've been sold out for awhile around my size (guessing they're phasing them out).   These Gaziano & Girling Sinatras match perfectly, but I'm...
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