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At least with respect to bench variety English setters, I think your caveat applies. They are still enthusiastic and capable hunters.Someone above recounted that a breeder was horrified that one of her puppies might be put to work hunting. I have not encountered that at all - even among breeders of top ES show dogs. In my experience, ES breeders are delighted for their dogs to get the chance to hunt birds.Granted, the percentage of bench variety setters that actually...
This is a mistake.Until we have announcers who grew up with the game AND are decent on air (Taylor Twellman is god-awful), I am perfectly content with the usual suspects from the UK.
+1No mystery here - temperament is largely a product of breeding.In the purebred world, most (possibly all - not sure) breed standards specify a particular temperament that is correct for a breed. Many standards, in fact, go out of their way to specify that shyness is a fault. I very much doubt that a reputable breeder would breed a shy dog.Here's an example:TemperamentGentle, affectionate, friendly, without shyness, fear or viciousness.Here's another:TemperamentThe...
He really is awful. Right down there with JP. Both can make a match almost unwatchable. Thank god for the mute button.I've long advocated for an alternate audio channel (similar to SAP) that provides crowd noise and field mike audio only - no commentary.I've seen a handful of RAI telecasts of Serie A over the years like this when the commentators have been on strike. It's a little odd at first but actually quite an enjoyable way to watch a match.
Teger - deepest sympathies to you and the GF. Brutal. Just brutal. Thanks for sharing your experience. I dread the day when I will inevitably face a similar situation with my little guy.
WTF is going on with Season 4?
^ thisMasc's best piece of defending was flinging himself to the ground on Pepe's disallowed goal.
RAI International signed a deal last Friday for rights to air Serie A matches in the US. Broadcasts are are in Italian, obviously, but who would want it any other way? RAI International is available on Verizon Fios for an extra subscription fee. Not sure about Comcast or others.
Still. Any business traveler from NYC would not have blinked at whatever The Jefferson cost in those days. Plus, there's nowhere to stay at all over by the PM plant.She said "I get to fly on a plane" - nothing about a private plane.Whatever. I'll accept that Weiner had a story reason for putting her in a dump from which humping stray dogs in a parking lot are visible from the rooms.
Agree but total fail on the detail.A Madison Ave ad exec would have stayed at The Jefferson not some crappy motel.
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