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I can add that this is the second leather piece I ever made...
Made myself a carry-on luggage. It is prototype v2.0. v1.0 can be seen here: I have plans for v2.1 as I made some mistakes in the design.  
I have been looking around for a leather suitcase in the right size to use as carry on and weekend bag. As I could not find any I liked (or could afford) I just made one myself. Took some while as I have never worked with leather before. I hope you like the look! /M    
For a pair of black wholecuts
I have not seen any black suede wholecuts, but I was just speculating for some options. I would say that for a wedding there is no need for some extra fancy shoes as the focus will not be on the shoes! this is the closest I can come up with for the moment. Why pay an enormous amount for a pair of shoes that very few will see and even fewer will remember?
No brogue. A pair of well polished black wholecut, as good as a pair black patent plain captoe if you ask me. To make something extra chose a pair of black suede wholecuts. Maybe hard to find though.
I have two pairs of Loake Aldwych and one pair of Loake Pimlico , all in UK9.5F Capital last. I consider my feet flat and broad and the Capital last suit my feet very well. I resently purchased a pair of Meermin DM on the Hiro last in UK9.5. They were extreamly tight, on the border of not possibly to use (most of you would probably never consider keeping them). I though had a significant heel slip that has partly dissapeard with time. Though they are extreamly tight I can...
No, it is not because they sent them with registered mail! It was no duties because the free trade market that is one of the fundamental part of the Europeen union.
Or why not go for a 1900 worker style, shirt, waist coat, scarf and cap.
I see Lenin, three piece suit with that cap. I always vision him in dark brown heavy linen but I accually do not know about material.  
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