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Everything sold!
Nudies sold and price drops on the remaining stuff.
Everything SOLD!
Quote: Originally Posted by Lysol These are TINY shoes. I am a size 11 in almost every brand imaginable and these were very narrow and tight in the toe box. Returned them for a half size up and will give 'em another go. Mine are a little tight in the toe box also. However, there was a card in the bottom of the box that basically said "these shoes will be tight in the toe box when you first try them on. As you wear them and break them in,...
Quote: Originally Posted by celticgent StupidFuckingQuestion: What pants look good with the Blue Suede? I keep finding myself lusting after blue suede shoes (TCB, baby) and am digging the boats and chukkas here, but can't think of any pants I own looking good with them. Perhaps grey or khakis? I imagine them with blue jeans might look a bit off... white jeans.
Anyone else having a problem ordering the suede mocs? They show up as $69 but as soon as they go into my cart, they jump to $79.
Quote: Originally Posted by CharlieAngel Are we talking "flowy and baggy" because you have a 28" waist or we talking "flowy and baggy" as in suburban dad going golfing? I imagine, due to their target market, it might be more of the latter. I prefer something in between the extremes (Mr. Olive on one end, fatass surbanite on the other). Imagine those JNCO jeans that wear popular in the mid-90's. But with a slim top part. It is a really...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy I bought a pair of Bill's on B&S. They were a slim cut and they are way too baggy for me. I need to find another brand. +1. Bills M3 might be the worst cut pants I've ever owned. Slim up top and then from the mid thigh down just gets flowy and baggy. Great material though. I ended up cutting mine up into shorts. the y look great.
Quote: Originally Posted by whacked Uniqlo, phone order. As recent as last week, their Egytian supima tees were on sale, at 25-50% off. Yeah, I was in there a few weeks ago and those tees were $10 each.
I'll be stopping by the store later to try 'em on. Hopefully they'll be in before i get there.
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