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 The Suspense killing us
I have a similar build to you.Ended up ordering a 44 with adjusted Front lengths and Sleeve lengths My measurementsShoulders - 16.75"Pit to Pit - 19.75"Midsection - 19"Sleeve Length - 25.7"Front Length from bottom Collar - 21.5"
Still waiting for MA1 its been 30 weeks, also have TOJ0 which is 21 weeks now also
Would APC stain White CPs?
What do you use to clean Achilles (black/white)?
 Im similar size to you, i got 44 with different lengths  20 weeks
I ordered another MA-1 (last week) was quoted 20 weeks lead time according to Charly.
  Its a stock size 46", Hes about 5"9 165lbs Im Jelly of your leather MA-1
Heres my friend in Suited Wool MA-1. What do you think of the fit? Please Rate Also does anyone know what the jacket is made out of? Down?    
  Nope, Suited MA-1 will be my first TOJ piece
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