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 Im about the same size as you, i purchased a MA-1 Wool stock 44 and lengths are a tad a bit short if i stretch etc.I have a TOJ0 on order Size 46" with Size 50" Front & Back Body Lengths
Added myself to the list   167 dgtl-rn ($780) 168 Childplease ($380) 169 virid ($1600) 170 cold war painter ($820) 171 chinkachu ($380) 172 McLarenF1 ($380)
Lets hope its both cause i ordered the same jackets approx same time 
Also just got a another email regarding address confirmation.   Suiting Wool MA-1 8/28/2013 TOJ0 10/28/2013
TOJ dont do half sizes atleast thats what charly/drew said 
Where to find Nike Inneva NRG?
Ordered a suited MA-1 end of August 2013 and toj0 in October 2013. Got a email confirmation/address confirmation on September 18, no tracking yet.
 The Suspense killing us
I have a similar build to you.Ended up ordering a 44 with adjusted Front lengths and Sleeve lengths My measurementsShoulders - 16.75"Pit to Pit - 19.75"Midsection - 19"Sleeve Length - 25.7"Front Length from bottom Collar - 21.5"
Still waiting for MA1 its been 30 weeks, also have TOJ0 which is 21 weeks now also
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