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 Which is another reason I question using the third design, using the nib (even being held like a sword or sabre) could be seen as very generic.
I am looking for advice on creating a luxury brand. For years I have done woodworking as a hobby and have recently gotten into creating high end pens using exotic woods along with premium hardware. Here is a pen I created last week using a Redwood Burl with hardware plated in Rhodium and Black Titanium which makes it extremely corrosion and wear resistant. I am at the point where I would like to launch a pen brand which would sell the luxury pens I handmake one at a...
It was a fun little experiment, and I'm glad I did it. Here's what I paid... Suit fabric: $75 USD Silk lining: $6.29 USD Suit "tailoring": $37.74 USD (which is why it was worth seeing what I would get) Shirt fabric: $3.77 USD Shirt tailoring: $5.66 USD So under $130 for everything including a jacket, vest, trousers, and shirt (and most of that was the fabric.) Looking back I still think it was worth a shot.
While in Iringa, Tanzania I was able to have a three piece suit custom made... I had low expectations because of the prices that I was being quoted, but they were so low I had to give it a shot.   I purchased the material for the suit while in Kenya. I got it from a large fabric shop and asked for good wool suiting material, but I don't know that it's really wool.  (Here's a photo from my phone:)     When I arrived in Tanzania I found a few tailors, the...
I have just arrived in Tanzania and will be traveling to Iringa tomorrow. What questions should I ask when searching tor a tailor to make my suit?
Hey, I am currently traveling in Africa and will be in Iringa, Tanzania for most of May. While there, I am planning on having a three piece suit made at a local tailor.   Last month I was in a small community  in Kenya and I went to talk to a tailor that was recommended and told him what I am want with some photos.  I'm looking for a European cut that is more fitted than most American suits with a full canvas. The tailor said that he could make me a suit with a full...
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