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I am gutted. Richard has just phoned me & the MTO Henrys arrived late last week which was good news. The not so good news is that they were displayed & my pair sold by a member of staff who hadn't checked in the diary & reserved them. I really fancied these as they were the first pair of Tricker's that I ever tried on & the leather sole option was how I wanted them. Not to worry, Richard couldn't have been more apologetic & hopefully my brother & I, along with some...
This link has just been tweeted by Shoehealer..... Arrived this week MTO order of cordovan Allan boots by Tricker’s A very special looking boot. Jonny.
Arrived this week MTO order of cordovan Allan boots by Tricker’s
Hi guys. I think Richard at Shoehealer is still sunning himself on holiday but according to the latest tweet from SH, the Teak Cordovan boots are in store......and judging by the photos on Facebook, are looking mighty fine indeed. I am waiting for the MTO Tricker's Henry in 1001 burnished on a leather sole with natural Barbour welt & red lining (i think) to arrive. I hope I get a glimpse of the Cordovan Allans before they all get posted out. Jonny.
My new & current favourites that I collected last Saturday.
Hi guys. There are some very nice ideas for future MTO's on here & great photos of what have already been made. One, and not the only one good thing about living in Doncaster, is the fact that I am 10 minutes from Shoehealer & will be in the shop tomorrow to collect my pair of Tricker's Stow in Coffee Burnished. I know that Richard keeps up with his email correspondence very well but please feel free to dm me any questions or requests for photos of shoes, boots, the...
Personally I prefer the Commando. I had the black Commando taken off of my Iris Cordovan Eaton as I thought it looked a bit too industrial for want of a better word but the brown one on those boots quite suits it. I want a brown sole but am indifferent as to the style really. It's all down to personal preference & I saw the boot in the flesh yesterday & thought the Commando suited the look well. They are a smart but quite tough looking boot so it's a good match. The new make up will have orange lining & tabs & brass eyelets all the way up instead of the speed hooks at the top as on those. Apart from that they will be much the same. The order hadn't gone in I don't think. Jonny.
I'm out & about but have found the last shoehealer mto coffee burnished stow on their website.
You beat me to it ;-) I have always fancied a boot in Coffee Burnished & haven't a pair of proper Stows, only my navy ones minus the broguing so fancy some of these. I don't think the order has gone in yet so will be a while in production I talked with Richard & we decided on slight alterations to their last MTO in this leather/style so I have had a tiny bit of input. Rest assured I will keep looking at all the make ups on here & jump aboard if anything takes my...
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