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 I agree completely. But I'm finding Uniqlo and H&M to be worthless for fillers as well. In my last three stops into Uniqlo (and 3 stops into H&M) I've come away with exactly one pair of shorts. 
Nice looking bag. I look forward to your review. I'm curious how true to color the pictures are. On my monitor the brown looks a little on the reddish side. I like the idea of a green briefcase, as long as isn't garish.
Don't forget the Herring Shoes Summer Sale through Sunday. Discount code HSSUB25.   I did try to email Herring with some sizing and last questions but didn't get a reply. The person I chatted with online from Herring couldn't tell me anything beyond what I had learned here or on other forums. I pulled the trigger on a pair of chukka boots. Hopefully they will fit. I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on a pair of Churches for a G fitting even with the 25%...
I was trying on some Bushacre2s today. The stores I was at didn't have any in brown suede so I was just checking for fit. I normally wear an 11.5. While all were listed as 11.5 M width in US sizes some were also listed as UK 10.5 G and some were merely UK 11. For my wide foot the G was true to size while the others were too narrow. So if I have to order online how do I guarantee getting a wider shoe when they all have the same listing for US width? Edited to add: I...
I'm impressed. This looks much better than previous Bond style peacoats you posted in the past. The buttons are placed more like what I expect to see and the proportions of the coat are better.  A question: could you produce a cotton version in a navy or midnight blue or perhaps a charcoal? And could a fabric be picked with water resistance? Thanks.
I feel like the odd man out. I was trying on some Clarks Desert Boots last week and found that I had to actually size up half a size. I have a wide foot and found my normal size to be uncomfortably tight. I don't see how so many need to size down. 
I would love the Admral's Peacoat originally teased a year ago. Black, navy, or grey.   The suede Harrington sounds interesting.
You were precient, VinnyMac. The Billy Reid site now says all the charcoal coat sizes are on backorder and lists them as being a 90/10 blend.
My charcoal is thankfully 100% wool. That may change, but since the color's probably just for this year, it may simply sell out once the material is gone, like the chocolate brown version from two years ago. While Skyfall introduced me to the BR peacoat, its look is what appealed to me. I'm really not a fan of the overly large collars many peacoats have. I prefer the smaller collar on the Billy Reid, along with the leather accents. But had TOJ come out with their planned...
The charcoal is 100% wool. The navy and the yet to be released black are 80/20. I just received the charcoal in a size large. I'll have to post my impressions and maybe some pictures soon.
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