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 The wool does look to me more sweater-like than the versions on the BR site. I've seen Billy Reid experiment with different colors and textures over the years. I remember a tweed production sample of the peacoat. I rather liked it and would have purchased it had it been my size. The wool used for Mr Porter does look to be almost heathered in color, and the fit is more "slouchy."  Good eye regarding the dimensions. I've compared the dimensions listed on Mr. Porter and...
You could have a peacoat made for you. Luxire, one of the forum sponsors, makes peacoats: http://custom.luxire.com/products/luxire-wool-peacoat You' will find examples of Luxire's work in this thread and their own dedicated threat in the Classic Menswear forum. Just use the search function.
Orelbar Brown has their aanual January sale going on. Many trunks are 50-70 percent off. See if they have anything you like.
 Very nice. Did you go standard size or made to measure? I'm still disappointed that TOJ never released the Admiral's Peacoat they teased before beginning the looooong march to closing up shop. They could have sold the coat in standard sizes for two seasons.
Due to the nature of the Billy Reid size tags, could it have been mismarked?
Really? I found the measurements on Billy Reid website for the large to be reasonably close. My large charcoal peacoat (since sold - but I did keep the measurements) had a pit-to-pit of 21.5 inches. The shoulder was 18.5 inches, and the sleeve length from shoulder to cuff was 26.5 inches. So, slightly bigger in the chest, smaller in the shoulders, and longer in the sleeves, but all within around half-an-inch of what is on the website. However, I do currently own a Billy...
I too have a wide foot and I had brought up the width problem with Clarks a while back in this thread. Everyone said to size down but I had to size up...well, sometimes. At one Nordstrom's Rack the US11.5M were listed as a UK10,5 G. They fit well. But at Designer Shoe Warehouse the US11.5M were tagged as a UK10.5 F and were too narrow. I had to size up half a size and even so they were narrower than the Rack boots. But some other sizes at DSW were G width. Emails to Clarks...
 I agree completely. But I'm finding Uniqlo and H&M to be worthless for fillers as well. In my last three stops into Uniqlo (and 3 stops into H&M) I've come away with exactly one pair of shorts. 
Nice looking bag. I look forward to your review. I'm curious how true to color the pictures are. On my monitor the brown looks a little on the reddish side. I like the idea of a green briefcase, as long as isn't garish.
Don't forget the Herring Shoes Summer Sale through Sunday. Discount code HSSUB25.   I did try to email Herring with some sizing and last questions but didn't get a reply. The person I chatted with online from Herring couldn't tell me anything beyond what I had learned here or on other forums. I pulled the trigger on a pair of chukka boots. Hopefully they will fit. I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on a pair of Churches for a G fitting even with the 25%...
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