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Hi Guys   I am not getting updated on my email with replies to the thread and completely forgot.     Will post up pictures of my suit soon.   She told me about her Levi's job. I was under the impressions she was doing it on top of her regular bespoke work.
Yes I did. 
I am not worried, like people have said it is a baste fitting and cannot expect it to be perfect on the first go.    Will keep everyone updated once I have had my 2nd fitting.
Hi All   Used the site extensively as a guest reading on advice on purchasing a bespoke suit in London.   Mid 20s born and bred in London. Only recently started enjoying the finer sartorial things in life.   Have just posted pictures in one of my threads showing my baste fitting, would be grateful for any feedback!   P
  1200 GBP for the suit 150 GBP for waistcoat. Everything is cut and made by Elizabeth (I believe her assistant might do some minor work). I guess it is much cheaper than SR Bespoke due to the cost of rent being considerably cheaper than the Row!   The suit is cut and made where you meet Elizabeth in the cockpit studios, there is no shopfront. If you do visit you will see her workstation in all its glory.    I am not too sure about her M2M option, touched on it briefly in...
No worries sharplytailored, I am glad it is all cleared up.   Thank you, they are pretty good value ones you can get from NEXT.   Shane85, glad to help.
  There is questioning the authenticity of a post and then there is defamation. Big difference 
Ok here are the photos. I would welcome what everyone thinks:   Waistcoat and trousers     Close up of waistcoat   Jacket and trousers:   close up    Side Profile   Side profile part deux   Back
It is a shame how companies who have done this, have ruined it for legitimate first time posters who are looking to share their thoughts. Just in case people think I work for Nomos, maybe I should not post on the watch appreciation forum for my love of my Nomos Zurich! Like I said, my advice is to see as many tailors that are within your price range and go with who you feel most comfortable with.
Sharplytailored, I shouldn't have to justify my first post and Im sorry about your pessimistic outlook and hope others do not share your sentiments. I decided to post on styleforum for the first time as I thought I should give my insight considering I used styleforum extensively beforehand to research purchasing a bespoke suit in London. Hi Shane85, I went with Elizabeth as I thought her personality was the best match for what I was looking for in a suit. I highly...
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