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bad news guys   http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/07/17/us-allenedmonds-sale-idUSBRE96G0OX20130717     Dress shoe company Allen Edmonds exploring sale of firm: sources inShare
  2 last? i wear 10D in the 5 last (park ave), should i size up or down? i purchased a 10D
nordstom has 3 shoes on sale   parkway $239.90 http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/allen-edmonds-parkway-oxford/3456689?origin=category&BaseUrl=Shoes   players $223.90 http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/allen-edmonds-players-wingtip-oxford-men/3170711?origin=category&BaseUrl=Shoes   montogomery $189.90 http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/allen-edmonds-montgomery-oxford/3026861?origin=category&BaseUrl=Shoes   I'm going to buy the players.
i have the black park ave and the dark brown fifth ave, i love my fifth ave. both are in my weekly rotation.
Great collection, Those are too many black shoes, you only need one. Do you do a lot of weddings or funerals? I would have gotten the park ave in black and the rest in dark brown, merlot, and chili.
im not a big fan of woven leather, but good looking out for all the AE fans. Buy all your shoes and toys now before you get married, so you don't have to hear it from your future wife.
would locking them in the containers be bad since it is locking in the air with no airflow? i put the bags on, but i don't put it bag in the box or container. I want my puppies to breath. dark brown would be better, but you will look slightly flashy and stylish with the bourbon.  they will gravitate to your feet first. I do when they have a sale, i bought the mccallister when it went on sale a few months ago at the retail stores. then i went crazy for the past 2 weeks and...
your right, i do need a merlot lwb? does that mean long wing boot?   what do you think about the Macneil in Chili? I'm thinking of making this my next shoe.
looking to get another pair of shoes. i currently have:   BB fifth ave - black AE fifth ave - dark brown AE mccallister - walnut Cole Haan loafers brown Sperry boat shoes - brown J crew desert boots - suede brown burberry tennis sneakers - white   what do you recommend i purchase before the sale is done?
you only need 1 black shoe, get more shades of brown. the strands are a great pic. also you should add a suede shoe or loafer to your collection. you printed it incorrectly. you have to change the settings to actual size and not fit to page. i did this as well and there was no way I was an 11 or 11.5 you fit is exactly like mine, you are most likely a 10D. I use thicker socks in my mctavish, and i use thinner dress socks in my mcallister. i have both in the same size, but...
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