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Wow I'm late, had no idea you guys existed, and now the stuff I want on your site is sold out in my size   I should venture out to the Classic Menswear side of this forum more. Anyways, any idea on when the LBM polo overcoat in grey will be restocked?     
 It's a very casual outfit he threw on, who gives a shit if it's matching or not. This isn't a suit. 
 That's what I wanna know. It does however look great. The earthy green sherwood compliments the gunmetal well, gives that vintage feel.
I really don't understand all the love for 4 zip instead of two, on the Motto 2011. In my opinion it looks like a pair of dangling nipples. 
After many months of lurking around this thread, I finally made my first TOJ order. I've never made a clothing purchase this pricey before so it better be as next level as everyone makes it out to be. Charly! I'm trusting you 
@ cyc wid it Are these the people that didn't trust Charly?      damn, keep forgetting to press the quote button. 
Man and here I thought some online retailers would have a summer sale coming up to lower the price, instead it goes up 
Is it just me, or did the price of the 256 go up from $225 to $248? 
Is lambskin the only leather available for the MA-1? so many awesome designs to choose from, so little time!!!! fghdfjkghdfkjhgdkjf
It saddens me to see you guys go. I can't think of another brand like this one that makes bespoke leather jackets with tons of different high quality animal hides, and colors to choose from. Best of luck on your new business.
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