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So yesterday I drove from home to Philadelphia, a 2 hour trip.  I was wearing some of my better oxfords for the trip to the city and thought nothing of it.  I get home and as I'm taking off my shoes I notice the rear of my shoes is both wet and looks worn down.  Mind you I've had these shoes since August and have worn them maybe 8x.  This is what they look like.     From what I can tell when my foot was on and off the gas they were resting in the carpet floor-mat and...
 I can wash my face and arms, I would wear a hat but I get pretty bad hat head.  I actually do know a number of girls that love the smell of the shop, I personally just get tired of it after work, haha.   With us being a job/production shop I am usually in the office however I do spend at least an hour to almost all day in the shop.  This means everyday I work I am required to wear jeans and steel toe boots. I keep a few sets of Jeans and label inside of them "Work" since...
 Good point!  Thanks, I'm excited to be back here now and have a full time position right after graduation!  How do I deal with the scent of oil and machine shop without drenching myself in cologne which I am not for doing?  I'm thinking my jacket I'll put in one of those suit protective zippered hanger bags, but I'll have the scent    Haha we'll see about that, I'm mostly in my office but when I go out in the shop that might be an option.
I've been working at my machine shop now for 3 years part time while going through school. I graduate December 21st and start full time there as a Manufacturing Engineer December 23rd.   Only over the past few months have I really got into style and dressing more professional, but I don't know I can continue that in my machine shop.  You see we aren't some little shop that machines clean aluminum, we manufacture A/C compressors from cast iron castings.  Some weighing up...
Okay this sounds like a bit of an odd question but there is a reason to it.   I'm graduating college in a little over a week and with it a full time job two days after graduation!  So I want to reinvent my image, new me, fresh start.   I've had some bad luck with barbers and hair stylists in the past and lately just stick to a few local shops that can do the simple haircut I currently have, never paying more than $12 for a cut, I can't expect much.  I want to try for...
So this can be a common stigma; dress well = must be gay? I have friends joke and a girl thought I was gay, in a small Pennsylvania town were plaid & boots are the norm I'm the outcast in a button up.
In need of some basic Tee's, I have two from H&M for $5 each, its soft and I can't beat the feel.    However, is this too tight?  
Been looking at gray suits lately on a budget, I found a suit I love however I don't know if the gray is too dark to pull of brown shoes, these compliment each other before I buy? I feel the brown should be dark enough.
Where is a good place for oxfords/Derbys around the $200 mark? I've been looking for dark brown oxfords with a leather sole for awhile now, maybe just splurge on Allen Edmonds?
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