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what size athletic sneaker do you wear? I wear a 10.5 nike/new balance....wondering if I should go with a 42 or 43 in the chelsea boot.
What size hoody and escobars are you wearing?
Can someone tell me how the The Cast 2 fits? I wear a size 30 in Nudie Thinn Finn's (my go to jeans at the moment) and want to take it up a notch. So I read around and it looks like you to size down 1. I got the 29 in the Cast Coast and I could barely fit my legs into it. There was no way I could even button it...not even close. I am skinny and this shocked me. Should I size up to a 30 or 31? Thanks!
thx for the help all
Good Afternoon All, Looking for some help regarding the fit of my newly acquired Jcrew Ludlow Tuxedo. (I know JCrew is def. not the best tuxedo, but in my budget it works fine for me). I had a difficult time deciding which size to get...either a 36R or a 38R. The first two pictures are of the 36R...It fits snug but comfortably but I feel like it looks a tad on the small size in the shoulders. It fits the arms and waist well. I can deal with slight creasing at the...
Hey All! I want to get a pair of the guide boots (these will be my first pair of Yuketens). I wear a size 10 in nike sneakers. Would you guys say I should size down 1 full size or just a half? I plan on wearing them plain socks, not thick ones. Thanks! Any help is appreciated!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mannix Drops PM'ed regarding the Club M. cardigan.
how does the blue label compare to the fit of the black label?
pics and measurements please.
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