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Thank you both. I had almost bought the Parks in merlot as my first pair. I think they may be my best bet? I'm not crazy about another pair of McAllisters, and feel I need something different than any of the loafers. I work in a business casual office.
Could anyone recommend a 3rd pair of AE shoes to get? I own black Park Ave's in 9EEE and walnut McAllister's in 9.5EEE. I haven't tried any that aren't the 5 last. I measured a 10.5D on the Brannock. My only other pair of nice shoes are black tassel loafers (thrifted Johnson & Murphys).
I had simply gone in to buy shoe care supplies. To be honest I was shocked the salesman offered to exchange the shoes for me (I had worn them a few times already and they had wear), so I went along with whatever he suggested.
Yes it was an official AE shoe. The fitter was very professional and the shoe was comfortable in the store. I wonder if cramming into the narrower 10.5D's all day had squished my foot enough that the 3Es felt roomy, haha. Can't afford custom-fit quite yet. I will try out the different lasts.   Thanks for the feedback David!
Hi all,   Quick question about how a correctly fitted dress shoe is supposed to feel. I had taken a chance buying my brannock device size (10.5 D) and ended up with a fit much too narrow and long. I recently exchanged those Park Ave's with 9 3E's at the store. A fitter helped me.   They feel better, but are still uncomfortable. My right foot is larger than my left, and my small toes are....compressed together. The back of my right heel rubs against the leather...
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