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I love the look of the cuffs being indigo, is there a name for that style? Also what model jeans are those?
How much will the boots end up costing? Is it more or less expensive than what they already offer?
Unfortunately he did not say which colors and I totally agree, olive chromepak is cool but its not the end of the world if they don't have it. I'd love to try out that type of leather though.
I'd be down for 4 or 8 if they were structured toes. Also I don't know if they have olive chromepak. I emailed Guy about the leather about a month ago and he said they had no plans on using it but had other chromepaks they had plans for in the upcoming year. Don't know if that means if they have it in stock or not.
Question for anyone familiar with how the Coniston should fit. So I measure a hair over 12 on Brannock and went in and tried on the 11 and 11.5 Uk sizes when I visited the store in NYC. I was wearing thick smartwool boot socks and in the 11 my toes kinda touched the edge of the boot but in the 11.5 I had a ton of room and extra leather. You could pinch a little bit of the leather because my foot didn't fully fill out the shoe in that spot. Which is the worse of two evils...
For everyone that is a size 7-9, I hate you and your "regularly sized" feet. Where the non ugly 11.5's at?
I am looking for boots and with the Sample Sale coming up for Viberg I was wondering if anyone knew if the Indy Boots ever seem to go on sale anywhere?
What do you mean by pull up leather?
I was about to pull the trigger on some semi dress brown CXL's but after seeing what one guy did to them in two weeks I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on a nice brown or tan leather that's a bit more resistant to weather and a good amount of walking(or whatever the hell he did to those boots). I can't really find good pictures of the roughouts online or the distressed leather so I am having trouble picking.
Thanks for the response. I am looking for a brown semi dress boot, ankle high, weather resistant, preferably $400 or under but if there is a real reason to go over I wouldn't mind. I like the look of the Whites semi-dress, Wolverine Courtland and Addison and Viberg Service Boot. I honestly think the Indy Boot is a little flat and wide for my styling. I'm not entirely sure if this is answering you so let me know.
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