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Thanks for the response. I am looking for a brown semi dress boot, ankle high, weather resistant, preferably $400 or under but if there is a real reason to go over I wouldn't mind. I like the look of the Whites semi-dress, Wolverine Courtland and Addison and Viberg Service Boot. I honestly think the Indy Boot is a little flat and wide for my styling. I'm not entirely sure if this is answering you so let me know.
I started looking for some good boots recently and the more I've researched about any brand the more brands I have actually found. I started with Wolverine 1000 Miles which led to Red Wings, which led to Alden Indy's and then Chippewa, Whites, OSB, Rancourt, Viberg etc... So I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice, or perhaps just start a thread where all boots are discussed instead of just one at a time.   Personally I was hoping someone knew which boots...
I have a couple of shirts from Eidos and I found the collars to be very large. I could fit five fingers in on a 16'' neck even though I wear a 16 in everything. Has anyone else seen this in their shirts? I originally loved how the collars stood up, and how large they were. But after wearing them, the collars are too large and don't stand up like they were displayed to. Instead there was no collar gap at all and wasn't the same looking shirt I thought I was buying. Still...
Is this a better quality than a SuitSupply suit? I'm not familiar with either but I'm very tempted between the two.
I'm a bit uneducated on C&J(except for knowing that people drool over them), so I'm curious to how durable a boot like that would be? Would it be something I could wear three times a week or more like a dress shoe(something fragile like ferragamo) that I would need to rotate in less often?
Can anyone suggest a nice wool short coat. I have a pea coat but I'm looking for something a bit shorter and more casual. I found one at the Tom Ford store in NYC that I fell in love with, had a bit of a military inspiration and also came in suede, but I am trying to keep this well under $2500. Does anyone know of something along these lines? (FYI I deal with Central-Pennsylvania cold windy and wet winters)
What's the neck size on number 7?
I know they talked about having three pieces available for customization on the original price, between the pick stitching, ticket pocket, surgeon cuff, lining etc.. Do you know what you are choosing for yours?
I'm looking into getting a new grey suit, subtle pattern to the fabric and possibly 3 piece, and was shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I would be able to get a MTM from HSM for $699. I'm wondering if this is a good deal or for the money should I look else where. I have a figure that not many suits fit well. Is there a better MTM for the price that would be feasible in Dallas?
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