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I finally picked up the case, no fault to Joe, his turn around was about 2 weeks; and it is great. The colour is fantastic and the craftwork is excellent. You can definitely tell it is hand made. In a good way. If you are looking for an SAB bag this is something different. As Joe has said it is difficult to close the bag when it is empty but that does not bother me too much. It should break in. After using it a week I have received nothing but compliments from people....
Joe Thought the case came out so well he did some studio shots.    I'll post pictures of the case when I have it in my hands.    Thus far, I can easily say working with Joe has been very easy and even fun. He responds very quickly to any questions and wants his customers to be happy. When I asked about some lines on the strap that I did not expect to be there (see first picture from two posts ago) he offered to make another strap for me without lines at no extra...
It some more updates. Sorry it is taking me so long to post.       
I did yes. All reviews are helpful.
Hey all, I`ve been lurking this thread for a while now. So useful! Anyway I finally to the dive and am getting a briefcase made by JP Marcellino. You can follow it here http://www.styleforum.net/t/348408/getting-a-briefcase-made-by-jp-marcellino   I`m getting an custom William James 267.  Here it is so far.
I finally decided to take the plunge and get a "real" briefcase. After months of research, talking to makers and reading article after article and the reviews on here I went with JPM. Super happy thus far. He is really easy to work with and it keeping me updated with the process.    Fresh cuts from the hide         Multiple steps to edge dressing this is the first where the fresh cuts are pasted and burned in on wood.     The natural...
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