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Already got two pairs of desert boots, one in dark brown suede and one in light blue suede. :) I'm looking for a shoe now, not a boot. The beige would also fit into the rotation nicely.
I want to get suede shoes, for casual wear. I'm a 21 year old student. I'd like to be able to wear them sockless in summer with shorts as well. These are the two options, don't know if I should go with the first pair of winged shoes I ever owned, or plain toes. Versatility is a big factor.     I have a sort of reluctance toward wingtips, since they're not common where I live, especially in casual wear, so I'm not used to the aesthetic. Would love to incorporate it...
Would you wear these wingtips with shorts in summer?
    Well, might be, since I'm 6'5 and weight 230 lbs, I can't really fit into any standard off the rack stuff. :(
Wouldn't agree. Many times, "proper fit" isn't the most comfortable fit. Do you feel more comfortable in a regular fit, slightly billowy shirt, or a slim fitting one, where you can't raise your arms without stretching the **** out of everything? :)
  Do take it to a seamstress. I think it's wort investing an amount in order for that jacket to look nice. If you do it yourself, you risk making it look like you stole it from a homeless man, but if a professional does it, it will look like it has character. :) my 2c   I have a question. Fall starts soon... I just remembered today, trying on some shirts- HOW do people layer without the hassle of wrinkles, shirts pulling out beneath sweaters, shoulder seams being...
Dark wash denim if you have the right shade. I'm all against black so don't ask me about those, but I guess you could pull off denim shorts if it's the evening.  
Hey. :) Thank you for your input. As you can see, I'm new here. I've seen that thread, but figured I should make a new thread since I have pictures. But I'll post things like these there in the future. :)
Hi guys. :) I'm 19 years old and a freshman in college. I recently started paying attention to my style, reading style blogs and forums, finding out about proper fit, colors etc.
Finally got one for myself. I'm 6'5, 250lbs. It's XL. I thought about the XXL, since the difference is barely noticeable and I feel more comfortable in it, also I can button it better, but there's an annoying amount of billowing of fabric in the back so that's why I opted for the XL. Also, I plan on losing about 25lbs in the following months.         Should I switch to XXL? The billowing starts to show on this jacket even. It's just not as bad....
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