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I believe the one at Marina Square still does.
I always thought the Norwegian welt sets Santoni apart.
The U last is of average width?? I always thought it was narrow. Otherwise why the problems with fit?So the K would be narrower than U?
For that matter, all animal skins are leather.
How does Rado fare as a durable watch? I'm pretty sure some watches are built like tanks... We just need to find them.
  I TOTALLY agree that the burnishing of the toes are too much! It looks as if he stuck his feet into a fire.   Too much break on his trousers as well.   The scarf makes him look like a giraffe.   Somehow, the entire ensemble looks like a cowboy fail.
Ah I see. I presume that is because the conditioner mixes with the polish, making the polish less effective at producing a shine?   In other words, there are no adverse effects to leather per se? It only affects the aesthetic result of polishing?
I really don't feel the allure of white in spectator shoes. There's so much contrast and just makes the shoes look like painted school shoes.   I would think spectators work well with colours of roughly the same hue.   I'm definitely gonna be flamed real soon, but wth I'm bursting to give my 2 cents worth.
Any reason why you left out the U last?
Can everyone rate their 3 most durable watches (brands)?   I honestly don't see any point in going for watches that are extremely precise in timekeeping. I doubt there are any discernible differences in accuracy among top-notch watches.
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