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because i have been searching for quite a while haha
100s of pictures under different lighting, so all are useless.   Anyone can do a side-by-side comparison shot? And where does dark cognac fit into all this?
Can someone post a comparison shot of calf cognac vs 6319 cognac vs antique cognac please?   I can't tell the difference between 6319 cognac and cognac. 6319 is rarely heard of.
    Someone help me identify all the colours in this image please? This was posted before, but no identification was done.
Can someone enlighten me on all the Alden terminology? Like what LWB and LHS mean? How about other Alden terms?
That's what I thought too, that there would be a difference.How does the U last compare with the F in terms of volume under the vamp? I only have the F, which I find has way too much vamp volume despite the perfect instep fit.
What's the difference between shoes with high instep and shoes with great volume under the vamp? Or are these the same?
Let me guess... You used CF?
Seriously, does this thread need that much discussion?   Just get AE seconds and you are set for work.
Seriously beautiful... Almost like fish scales.
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