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F is a very sharp round-toe. Sharp in its shape from the vamp to the toe box, and round in the shape of the toe tip.   R looks like the AE #5 last from pictures. But I only have experience with the F last, will never get the R last. So there's the bias.
  Many say the F last looks plump in pictures but is sleek in person.   It may have to do with the high instep, which is partially hidden when trousers are worn.   My 41.5 F last Italian oxfords above. For the small size, they are really quite pointy, almost like the G&G Deco last.
Red Vass in the U last is just so sexy omg...
Please do. Cheers!
Gorgeous shell loafers in the Aberdeen last. Model 684, size US8.5 B/D. Lightly used and well-maintained with shoe trees and the occasional Saphir wax. Shoe trees not included.   PayPal charges included, but not shipping (price lowered to accommodate shipping from Singapore).   PM me your ZIP code for a shipping quote.
Does Vass use a cork footbed that conforms to the shape of one's feet, the way AE shoes are supposed to?   Pardon my ignorance.
My advice is to avoid a plain toe. Try a plain wingtip perhaps, or maybe an austerity brogue.Plain toe shoes like wholecuts usually look best when new. They won't look like wholecuts anymore after a few wears with all the creases appearing.
  Thank you! 6319 cognac simply looks a shade lighter than antique cognac. Am I right in saying that?   Are all the shoes italian polished?
lovely elf shoes. deadly though. may stab someone with those pointy toes.
thanks! so it's 6125 cognac, antique cognac and... is the last bit cognac or 6319 cognac?   cheers!
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