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Any first-hand experience with Lai En and Madam Neo? The latter seems to get a lot of online praise, but I don't know if it's customer reviews or PR.   I'm looking for good CMT for shirts and pants only. Separate recommendations for each will be best.
  Definitely. Vass seems bigger than standard for the smaller sizes.
What is considered a comfortable allowance for slim fit shirts? Is it 1 or 2 inches from the actual chest or waist measurement? Do you use the same circumference allowance across the different parts of the shirt i.e. Neck, chest, arm, waist? Of course this is subjective, but I want to hear SF opinions.
For alteration of CT shirts, who is recommended in Singapore?The point in bespoke is really the fit. In this case, material quality is dependent on the brand, fit depends on the alteration tailor.
  Diamond Walker is garbage. They are glued MTO shoes priced to appear like cheap bespoke.   1-post 'wonders', please do your self-promotion somewhere else, not SF.
A little help?
I will be going to Bangkok soon (my first time), and I wonder what my fellow SFers recommend that I buy there. It will probably be 4 days?   Tailored shirts (Milan Suits perhaps?) Tailored trousers - separate from suit (no idea who is known for this) Tailored suit (anywhere worth a shot?) RTW shoes (anywhere that sells C&J perhaps?) Bespoke shoes (where and turnaround time?) Belts (no one ever mentioned this, much less where to get...
yup they are still there, and they still suck.   feel the range of fabrics for yourself.
  Single sole. I am short and light, so it makes sense to get a single sole.
  All my shoes are topied. I must say that the rubber put on by Vass is solid, especially since they nail the rubber to the sole at the toe tip.   I don't have experience with the leather sole as I always get the rubber added.
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