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Indigo & Cotton's EG sale is currently 25% but is getting ready to move to 35%. They'll go ahead and honor the 35% for forumites. If you call, ask for Brett.
Engineered Garments Workaday 19th C. Button Down shirt Size Medium Fabric is the Dress Chambray (Blue/not as rough a fabric as the other version) F/W '12; Purchased new from Inventory. Removed tags, tried on but never actually worn or washed. Fits like most other standard EG Medium shirt. Measurements: Shoulder...18.5" P2P...21.5" Sleeve...24"
NM--double post.
There were two men's versions--standard gold stitching and the indigo/black-out stitching.
Great grab. I love the blackout stitching.
Indigo & Cotton received their first pieces, including the tye-dye Popover: http://indigoandcotton.com/brand/engineered-garments-nyc/
Great piece. Just grabbed a Large from Indigo & Cotton in Charleston.
Looks like the Rebuild jacket by Needles.
^Yes, size up to 36 in the Italian-made trousers. I'm the same size and they are perfect. Jameson, I'm curious about the collar point length on your button down shirts. It's hard to tell from the pics on your site.
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