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Engineered Garments Workaday 19th C. Button Down shirt Size Medium Fabric is the Dress Chambray (Blue/not as rough a fabric as the other version) F/W '12; Purchased new from Inventory. Removed tags, tried on but never actually worn or washed. Fits like most other standard EG Medium shirt. Measurements: Shoulder...18.5" P2P...21.5" Sleeve...24"
NM--double post.
There were two men's versions--standard gold stitching and the indigo/black-out stitching.
Great grab. I love the blackout stitching.
Indigo & Cotton received their first pieces, including the tye-dye Popover:
Great piece. Just grabbed a Large from Indigo & Cotton in Charleston.
Looks like the Rebuild jacket by Needles.
Good info. Thanks. I've worn a Large in previous seasons.
Seems like I remember reading that the Baker is more TTS this season. Is this true?
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