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Why would you want to wash them? That being said, I wash mine twice a the ocean.
Quote: Originally Posted by tyates JOA, Did you get the lined or unlined shoe? Is there a preference on the two if you wear them w/o socks?? Unlined, always. Unlined, for the most part, does not allow the foot to sweat which is great for us non-sock wearers (okay, I do wear them sometimes). I generally hate lined shoes, save true dress shoes. But, always wear socks with leather-lined shoes. BTW, the Quoddy Boat's are $16 cheaper if you...
I have the top pair pictured. The bottom color is cinnamon and is also nice, but the brown chromexecal (top pair) develops great character in color and leather. The cinnamon becomes too light for my taste. Yes, Quoddy is backlogged. Remember, they are a small family operation and, now that the fashion industry has discovered them, cannot always keep up with demand. My boat shoes and my canoe mocs each took about three months to arrive, but have been well worth it.
Well, right now I have a pair of NS in a size 33 and two pair of 501 STF in a 35x36 (though the waist is now a 34). My true waist size is a 34. My problem with the '47s will seem to be that they don't offer odd sizes, so I guess I'll either be getting a 34 or a 36. I don't like tight denim, but I don't like anything too big, either. Thanks for all the comments, though. Your experience/advice is very helpful.
I have both A/O Topsiders and Quoddy's, and like each for different reasons. Overall, I find myself going for my Sperry's more often. I suppose that's tied to childhood/youth, since that's what I've always worn. You can't go wrong with them.
Thanks. Now, I'll just wait for Denimbar to get them back in.
Question about the LVC line (and, more specifically, the '47 model): Are these all STF jeans, or should you buy your normal waist size (+ or - 1 depending on the model)?
But, you can get really good vintage ones (w/ the tennis tails, Patron-sized) on eBay. I've bought several this way for under $15/per.
^Seconded. I bought a pair two weeks ago and returned them the next day. The sizing is all over the place. The regular STFs are every bit as good. I'm still waiting on Denimbar to get more '47 LVCs in stock so I can really compare.
What are socks? Seriously, I rarely ever wear them. I couldn't imagine wearing them with my Quoddy Trail's. However, I might reconsider had I gotten them with the leather liner.
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