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These are now available again. Seller didn't come through as promised.
Pics are great, Brutus! Thanks! My first pair of NS just hit 3 months of constant wear this past Saturday. I'm trying to hold out until early August before the first wash/soak.
Interesting topic. My answers are influenced by the fact that I dress in the Trad/Preppy/Ivy style, but I prefer modern cuts. So... 1. Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Oxfords...Great cut/fabric. Readily available. Not too expensive (particularly during 25% off sales). Built to last. 2. APC New Standard...Okay, they're my only "good" denim, but like the Oxfords mentioned above they are made from good fabric, easy to get, and have the right cut/"look" for me. 3. Sperry...
The Bean Blucher's aren't bad, but I'll stick with my Quoddy's. Just like the Bean Blucher's of old, IMO.
Sold, pending payment.
Forgot these measurements... Front Inseam: 11" Rear Inseam: 14" Thigh: 21" Sorry. JOA
NWT Measurements from Tobi are: 34" waist 18" knee 16" leg opening Based on that, I measure my sale pair as follows: 34.25" waist 18.5" knee 8.25" leg opening And, yes, they are still for sale...
Now $90 shipped
How much can I expect the '47 LVC to shrink in the inseam if I bought, say, a 34 vs. a 36 inseam? Thanks.
I have that book. Got it on eBay for about $25 a few months ago. I find it personally helpful seeing as that's how I dress. The pictures are terrific.
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