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To find out how to tie the "Eastland Knot," scroll to the bottom of the page: http://www.eastlandshoe.com/eshop/help.asp?#knot
Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 Today we received another shipment. Included was flannel work shirts ( Red/White/Blue and one new fabric, see photo ) Light Grey Flannel Work Shirt, Plaid Western Shirt, Blue Chambray Work Shirt in size X-Large, Navy Field Vest, More Shawl Collar Cardigans, Pocket Squares and Ruc Sac in Natural ( See EG web site for pic ) I will fill orders today for anyone who has pre-ordered any of these...
Has anyone found out for certain if the EGxLevis 501s are STF? It seems to me like they aren't since 34 is the only available inseam (which, of course, may be totally faulty reasoning).
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife borsalino woolrich engineered garments sugar cane alden frost river What SugarCane's are those?
FYI: O'Connell's Clothing in Buffalo stocks Quoddy and, it seems, hasn't altered their prices yet. May be a good time to make a grab. http://shop.oconnellsclothing.com/casual_shoes.php
Quote: Originally Posted by maxnharry Mercer-made in the US by a small Maine based company. $92.50. Might be a little full cut though. http://mercerandsons.com/ VERY full cut. I purchased one "slimmed down" and it was still bigger than Brooks Traditional Fit. Fabric is suberb, however, as are the little details they'll do for you. Plus, they give a 20-25% discount on a first order.
Brooks Brothers Slim Fit oxford buttondowns are USA made and only $79.50.
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser J Crew stuffs, Clark desert boots. Nice. What's the cuff size on those? Looks like about 2" or more. *Those are the Classic Slim Fit chino, not Officer's Chino
Seconded. Looks like what I wear daily, Baron. And, incidentally, I am a teacher...just not math.
$80 shipped
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