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Sperry makes Bluchers now, but their called Camp Mocs.
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete 19th BD in Heavy White Oxford American Rag LA Bloomingdales CC Bloomingdales SF Bloomingdales SOHO Just bought one from Bloomingdales SOHO. They only had two. It should be arriving at the same time as my EGxLVC '47s. Thanks again, D.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Haven't seen them anywhere yet - have you checked with the NYC stockists No, not yet. I'll try that, Robin. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by JOA What, if any, US stores carry the 19th C. BD in White Oxford cloth? Anyone?
[quote=kiya;1296235]Buzz Rickson USN Chambray Shirt Starting this week we'll be stocking Buzz Rickson in our online store, the fall line is being kicked off with this new shirt from the Fall 2008 season, the Buzz Rickson US Navy repro work shirt made of indigo chambray. A great fit just like what we'd normally expect out of the Buzz Rickson line along with amazing construction. Every original and distinctive styling feature from the 1940's has been reproduced,...
What, if any, US stores carry the 19th C. BD in White Oxford cloth?
To find out how to tie the "Eastland Knot," scroll to the bottom of the page:
Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 Today we received another shipment. Included was flannel work shirts ( Red/White/Blue and one new fabric, see photo ) Light Grey Flannel Work Shirt, Plaid Western Shirt, Blue Chambray Work Shirt in size X-Large, Navy Field Vest, More Shawl Collar Cardigans, Pocket Squares and Ruc Sac in Natural ( See EG web site for pic ) I will fill orders today for anyone who has pre-ordered any of these...
Has anyone found out for certain if the EGxLevis 501s are STF? It seems to me like they aren't since 34 is the only available inseam (which, of course, may be totally faulty reasoning).
Quote: Originally Posted by denimdestroyedmylife borsalino woolrich engineered garments sugar cane alden frost river What SugarCane's are those?
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