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Mauro, Is your Jean Shop stuff already in? I'm looking for the Rocker Heavy 15 oz. Selvedge. How's the sizing on those, btw?
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete There are many stockists of the Andover jacket that aren't online. MAC in San Francisco, Den/Odin in New York, and Bloomingdale's in both of those cities are options off the top of my head. Is the olive wool Andover jacket a Japan exclusive?
Hot soaked my EGxLVC '47s last night for an hour. I'm providing pre- and post- soak measurements because several people asked for them via PM. Tagged Size: 36x36 Pre-Soak: 18.25" waist/ 37" inseam/ 11" thigh/ 9" hem Post-Soak: 16.90" waist (they're a hair under a 34" waist now)/ 34" inseam/ 10.75" thigh/ 9" hem I wore them while still very damp for about 4-5 hours (until dry). Fit is great now, though they're still a touch long in the inseam. Hopefully,...
Thanks, Robin. I'm about 6'0", so I'll go with the Large.
I'm looking to purchase an Andover jacket this week, but I can't seem to find the measurement differences between a M and a L. For reference, I'm usually a 40 R (20-22" chest, 18-19" shoulder, 30-31" overall length, 24-25" sleeve). Thanks.
Good info, Bathtime. Thank you. What's the pricing on the QR Belt @ Den? Earlier this week, I contacted a company in England that makes QR Belts in 4 different colors of leather for around $150 US. Wasn't sure how that compared, price wise, to the EG model. Also, it seems we're the same size in jeans, so I'm curious as to the size you purchased in the EGxLVC 501s and what the post-soak measurements are now? I bought a 36x36, hoping they'd get to a 34x32-33 area.
No, not me.
Came home yesterday to find UPS had brought me Christmas in September. Waiting for me were my first three EG items: 19th C. BD in White Oxford (Bloomingdales SOHO) 19th C. BD in Blue Chambray (Hejfina) LVC x EG '47 501s ( I now understand the hype behind this label and I'll be purchasing more in the coming years. Top notch quality, fabric and details in every piece.
EG Shirt Jacket. Seller says it's Japan only...
^What he said. Luckily, I got mine well before the price increase.
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