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Gary, I'm a Medium in the Bedford and I"m keeping my fingers crossed...
Just want to give a plug for Blake and the fine folks at his store. I bought the EG Western chambray and didn't like it, so I exchanged for the navy/red/olive flannel. Not only did they make the process extremely easy, they also paid for the shipping on my exchange. Great service. Oh, and the shirt is pretty great, too.
I really want a herringbone Bedford...
Those Alden boots are ... Very nice.
Didn't know if everyone would see this in the Farinelli's thread, but here's what Mauro is getting from EG: This is what I got from E.G. Rounded collar shirt- off white shawl collar cardigan- grey herringbone field parka- navy sateen bedford jacket-charcoal wool flannel ( the med and large are inquired about already) scarf- navy/red/olive twill scarf navy/brown/ornage twill worker shirt - black and red twill worker shirt- white ,navy,and red twill shawl...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro JOA- sorry I was going to give you the large. Digital John has been wanting that coats for WEEKS he would kill me. I see him all the time too. Sorry bro! No problem, Mauro. I bought the L from Hejfina but it was too big. Blake may still have a size M for me. I may just buy that red/white/blue plaid workshirt from you.
I know Den carries the Double Ring belt, but what's it go for?
Cool Mauro, thanks. Hang onto that Bedford in Charcoal for me (size M). I PM'd you about it last week.
Mauro, Anyway you can let us know exactly what EG pieces you're getting?
Quote: Originally Posted by JOA Earlier this week, I contacted a company in England that makes QR Belts in 4 different colors of leather for around $150 US. Wasn't sure how that compared, price wise, to the EG model. Just an update... The English company I've contacted has made a QR belt for me. It's supposed to ship out this week. I'll update on quality, etc. once it arrives. See them here:
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