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Quote: Originally Posted by JOA Just an update... The English company I've contacted has made a QR belt for me. It's supposed to ship out this week. I'll update on quality, etc. once it arrives. See them here: http://www.timhardy.com/belts.html I received my QR belt from Tim Hardy (link in the quoted post) yesterday and, I must say, it is the nicest belt I have ever handled. The leather is very heavy and thick as is the Pewter QR...
From pictures, they look like they fit small. Perhaps one of our resident experts can chime in...
Purchased the EG Herringbone Cardigan. Thanks for the quick turnaround, Mauro.
Measurements are: Chest: 21.5" Sleeve: 25.75" Shoulder: 17.75" Length (from bottom of collar): 29.5"
Drop to $160
Vintage Brooks Brothers. Have it re-cut for $40 and it'll last forever.
Is this still available?
They shouldn't shrink too much with a wash/soak, so hemming would be a good option. Just let me know if you're interested.
Price drop to $170 shipped.
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