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From pictures, they look like they fit small. Perhaps one of our resident experts can chime in...
Purchased the EG Herringbone Cardigan. Thanks for the quick turnaround, Mauro.
Measurements are: Chest: 21.5" Sleeve: 25.75" Shoulder: 17.75" Length (from bottom of collar): 29.5"
Drop to $160
Vintage Brooks Brothers. Have it re-cut for $40 and it'll last forever.
Is this still available?
They shouldn't shrink too much with a wash/soak, so hemming would be a good option. Just let me know if you're interested.
Price drop to $170 shipped.
I have a pair of Raw Slim Bootcuts, size 34x34. Purchased from the Atlanta RRL store and they've only been worn a handful of times. I'll sell them on the cheap if you're interested.
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