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Measurements are: Chest: 21.5" Sleeve: 25.75" Shoulder: 17.75" Length (from bottom of collar): 29.5"
Drop to $160
Vintage Brooks Brothers. Have it re-cut for $40 and it'll last forever.
Is this still available?
They shouldn't shrink too much with a wash/soak, so hemming would be a good option. Just let me know if you're interested.
Price drop to $170 shipped.
I have a pair of Raw Slim Bootcuts, size 34x34. Purchased from the Atlanta RRL store and they've only been worn a handful of times. I'll sell them on the cheap if you're interested.
Bobo, where did you find a pair of K-1's? I've looked for them for some time now with no luck. They seem to fit slimmer than I imagined (as they're based on WWII officer chinos). Is that true or is it just the picture?
I don't know. I probably measured wrong but, then again, I don't really know the exact BiG method. In actuallity, I don't have skinny legs at all seeing as I'm a marathon runner/hiker. I can tell you that I have a pair of LVC '47s and these EGxLVC's and they are not that similar. The fabric is lighter on the EG collab and, imo, they're not as slim post-soak. I much prefer my standard LVC '47s, but these collab '47s are still pretty good.
Hey guys, I'm selling a BNWT Engineered Garments 19th C. BD shirt in Blue Chambray. It is a size Medium. I purchased from Hejfina and it's been tried on but never worn. I paid $210 for it but I'm selling it for $180. Paypal accepted as well as $$$, check or money order. I'll get pics up later, but you can shoot me an email ( for pics sooner than that.
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