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I can't see those cord pics, but I'm sure they're good. What Workaday pieces does Den have? I need to call them anyway about a Flannel Workshirt or BD.
When will Workaday hit the States?
Kiya, When will you be getting a restock of the Buzz Rickson Chambray shirts?
Guys, Selling a pair of EGxLVC 1947 cut 501s that were purchased last month from Levis.com. These are the collab jeans with Engineered Garments and are tag sized 36x36. These have been hot soaked once (1 hour) and worn twice. There are no scuffs, fades, etc. of any kind yet, so they're essentially brand new. It will be Thursday before I can get pics up (I'm out of town), but if you need them check the EG F/W08 thread as there are plenty of them around. Measurements...
Items look great, D. I, too, ordered the Herringbone Cardigan from Mauro but I think I'll be wishing I ordered the Sweater Knit Cardigan. Of course, now that I want it, I can't seem to find it anywhere in a size M. Belt looks great as well. I'm really pleased with mine.
Thanks for the help, Robin. My first time posting pics of anything (obviously).
SOLD pending payment...
As promised, pics of my QR Belt from Tim Hardy:
Selling a pair of Engineered Garments Tapered Fit cords from F/W '07. These are BRAND NEW WITH TAGS, purchased from Ian in Seattle. They are size 34 waist and are an olive/brown color. These are really nice! Measurements: Waist: 34" Inseam: 32.5" Hem: 8" Knee: 8.75" Thigh: 12" Retail on these is $159. I paid $100 for them. They can be yours for $60 shipped. Pics:
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