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Quote: Originally Posted by botfc Hey, quick question for work shirt owners : has anyone else been having issues with buttons? I swear, they are the worst. They keep popping and all the remaining ones are literally hanging by a thread. Not really a big deal but really annoying. Yes, I"ve already had an issue w/ my one work shirt. The red button was very loose when I received it from Blake, but I didn't think too much about it. A few days later...
What shirts do you have in a size M, Gary?
Kiya, When will you be getting an F380 restock?
Your #8's have developed a gorgeous patina. I'm jealous...
Good point, ingraman. I own the 8", but I live in the South and use them more for farm chores. What is this snow of which you speak?
I took delievery of a pair of GTs on Thursday (, but sent them back yesterday. All of the points the OP made about them are true, but I find that I prefer a Moc Toe constructed boot (and shoes, in general). I already had the Red Wing x J. Crew Classic boot and I love those, so I'll be good for a while. Nice thread, though.
I can't see those cord pics, but I'm sure they're good. What Workaday pieces does Den have? I need to call them anyway about a Flannel Workshirt or BD.
When will Workaday hit the States?
Kiya, When will you be getting a restock of the Buzz Rickson Chambray shirts?
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