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I'm a size 9 in Purcells and these SC's fit perfectly. Much more comfortable than any other canvas shoe I've tried on.
Damn, I thought I'd spent enough money this month and now this!
I'll post pics later, but I wear... Red Wing x J. Crew Classic boots Alden Plain Toe oxfords (dk. brown calf) AE MacNeil Longwings (Caramel brown calf) AE Leeds (Shell Cordovan) Clarks Wallabees (tan suede) Quoddy Canoe Mocs Quoddy Blucher Mocs LL Bean 8" Bean Boots
For Sale: A pair of Spring Court Canvas Low's in White Size 42, which equates to a Size 9-9.5 US These are brand new in the original box, worn once for one hour. Retail is $85. I'm selling them for $50 shipped. Please PM me with any other questions. Photos: Paypal, please.
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser I'm looking to get a pair of LVC 47 501's. Any reason to choose the EG collaboration over the regular Levis? PP, I have 2 pair of LVC '47s and I had a pair of the EG Collabs (sold them on B&S). To me, they fit completely differently. The EG Collabs are a bit looser (I felt) and I couldn't get over the printed name running all inside the jeans. The denim is also a bit lighter (10 oz. is what I heard) than...
What are the measurements like on those?
Just orderd mine from Kiya. I think these are the SC's I've been waiting for.
I assume the online sales start at 3 p.m. West Coast time? I'd like to know for sure.
LVC '47 501s x 2 APC NS
I know Odin carries the Light Grey, but not sure what sizes they have left.
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