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Yes, still available.
I've purchased a Quick Release Belt from these folks and they are terrific! They offer a great product and make ordering really easy. I highly recommend them.
Ian in Seattle has an Olive Green cotton Bedford. Also, 30% off right now. Not sure about available sizes, however...
Where'd you find the K-1's, Bobo?
Blake in Oregon has the Brown Plaid Western Flannel in a size M (and on sale, too). Call to order.
Quote: Originally Posted by atomicranch I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the high side hems. They seem higher on the 19th century BDs than the workshirts. IMO, they don't look great untucked and, when tucked, they tend to come untucked on the sides. I agree on both counts, however I've found that it may also depend on the season of the shirt in question. For instance, I have this season's Chambray 19th C. BD and it stays tucked in very...
Mods, I accidentially submitted this thread. I'm not selling these, so can you delete this thread?
I have a pair of the Self Edge x Sugarcane collabs. in a size 34. These are brand new with tags and have never been worn, altered or soaked. I paid $305 for them from Self Edge but could let them go for $275. Link to the Self Edge website with measurements of these jeans: http://www.selfedge.com/shop/index.p...roducts_id=374
Is this still available?
Price drop to $40 shipped
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