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Measurements: Chest: 21.75" Shoulder: 18.25" Length (from base of collar): 28" Shirt is still available!
Brand New w/ Tag Engineered Garments Pop Over Button Down Size M This is a Spring/Summer '07 shirt. The material is very light weight and the plaid is a nice mix of yellow/green/purple/white/light blue. Pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31008437@N03/3084280989/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/31008437@N03/3084280745/ Yours for $50 shipped. Paypal, please.
^Cool. From someone who is a 34, here's hoping those pants don't fit...
I had the book and, yeah, it has great photos and inspirations. But, it isn't worth what many are paying for it. I bought my copy on eBay about a year ago for under $70, then sold it to another forumite a month ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by timpoblete I guess I'll jump onto the bandwagon: Dear Whoever goes, please clean them out of S-L and we'll take them off your hands with commission. Sincerely, Timpo. I concur...
Already sold...sorry.
Kiya, do you guys still carry KMW?
Quote: Originally Posted by PinkPantser uniqlo, 5epxsf, bass I really like this, PP. Are those Weejuns?
Brooks Brothers Black Fleece on sale (for my $$$). They're 15% off right now, which makes them just a shade over $100. Most forumites will probably recommend J. Crew on sale. PRL Rugby has some nice plaids BDs on sale.
Guys, help Gary out! He still has some great items for even better prices. I just bought the Varsity Cardigan and will post pics upon its arrival.
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