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Adam, Gary told me that the Kendall jacket is $350. I've already pre-ordered it and that madras 19th C. BD. And, I felt the same as you about that Baker jacket. I love madras--and I love (I think) that jacket--but I just don't know if I can pull it off.
^Both look fantastic. I finally got my LHS from Brooks Bros. the other day. Shell cordovan seems to be getting harder and harder to find, as it took my SA almost 6 months to track down a pair of 9 D LHS. None the less, they're terrific.
Quote: Originally Posted by emptym The shoes aren't bit loafters, which I think I'd never wear, but these that my dad gave me 21-22 yrs ago: Are those the old LL Bean Camp Mocs? They look just like the Quoddy's I have right now. The Quoddy folks used to make all of the Bean Blucher and Camp Mocs, and the similarities are striking. Really nice shoes!
^Wool suit, made by Southwick.
I'm liking quite a bit of that S/S gear. I really like the way they put their pieces together. It gives me many ideas. Looks like Gary will (again) be getting a good deal of my money...
Of course it is. That way, I'll never be able to own it!
^Is that Madras jacket an Andover or Engineer or what? I like it very much...
I have a fairly new pair of IH 634's in a size 34, but I won't be able to measure them until later this evening. I believe you heard wrong about those jeans. The 634 is IH's flagship model.
Tonio, that Herringbone cardigan looks great. I really regret not picking up that piece. I have the Varsity Cardigan (from Gary) that I'll have to post pics of one of these days.
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