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I'm liking quite a bit of that S/S gear. I really like the way they put their pieces together. It gives me many ideas. Looks like Gary will (again) be getting a good deal of my money...
Of course it is. That way, I'll never be able to own it!
^Is that Madras jacket an Andover or Engineer or what? I like it very much...
I have a fairly new pair of IH 634's in a size 34, but I won't be able to measure them until later this evening. I believe you heard wrong about those jeans. The 634 is IH's flagship model.
Tonio, that Herringbone cardigan looks great. I really regret not picking up that piece. I have the Varsity Cardigan (from Gary) that I'll have to post pics of one of these days.
Measurements: Chest: 20.75" Sleeve: 24" Shoulder: 17.75"
REAL WWM Vintage Buffalo Check jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by mulansauce Leeds is pretty chunky. Also, in shell cordovan it costs as much or more than most PS shoes. Depends on the jeans you wear. Shell does cost more, but (to me) it's a long-term investment. I know I'm gonna get my money's worth out of Shell.
Engineered Garments F/W '08 Raglan Zip Hoodie Size Medium Charcoal Brand New w/ Tags (Barney's NY) Purchased from fellow EG enthusiast adamha21, this hoodie is a really, really nice piece. Most of you know the drill with it. Measurements and/or pics coming later (if necessary). Pics from Hejfina: I'd like to get back what I paid for it, so it's going for $100 shipped. Paypal, please.
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