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S/S '09 Popover while swatch browsing. Suit w/ NB was a try-on situation only.
All this talk about the Poncho... Here's a real beauty from Daiki's last WWM collection (for you size M's out there): http://bit.ly/19Eugoi
Fit on those USN pants is great.
I just love this jacket more every time I see it. It'll be my first F/W purchase.
Love the long sleeve Popover. Curious to see what other fabrics are available for this shirt.
Looking for the Tattersall Tab Collar in a Medium if anybody sees one. Thanks.
^Damn. Gonna need to track down that navy one.
Context's first delivery is live. EDIT: Inventory's first delivery (or, part of it) is online, too.
It's Navy Oxford. Timpo has some close-ups of it a few posts back.
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