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Over Vest in Salmon People Jacquard. Hadn't seen these yet.
Price lowered. Will consider reasonable offers or trades for other EG or Daiki-era WWM (mostly size M stuff). PM with offers.
Same for me--I'm a Large in the Baker.
Co-signed. I've yet to see one anywhere in a store or photo. Far and away my favorite EG jacket.
I'm always on the hunt for this cardigan in a Medium. Looks great.This is excellent, WS. I tailor my Workaday Fatigues similarly and I'm so much happier with them as a result.
New online at Inventory: http://store.inventorymagazine.com/collections/engineered-garments/products/pea-jacket-dk-navy-24-oz-all-wool-melton
Thanks, guys. Reversible might be a deal breaker but I may take a shot.
Anyone know the name of this jacket? It just sprinted to the top of my Fall to-buy list.
I wear mine with every range of shoe--Danner Mtn. Light boots, Alden Longwings and loafers, New Balance 900 series, etc. I think a key is how you handle the hem depending on the shoe. I roll mine with loafers but keep the hem straight with a boot. But, in general, they're as versatile a pant as you could expect.
When can we expect the Fall line to roll out?
New Posts  All Forums: