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Took delivery of the North Wood jacket yesterday. Love it except for the outer Gabardine fabric. A bit shiny for my taste but I picked the tan color so it's not as prevalent.
I like both of the Tab Collar Shirts and the Light Blue Fatigues. Will definitely buy the Angler Shirt.
Always excited for S/S EG. From the images I've seen thus far, expect lots o' dots.
Brown Duck Coleman jacket, size Large, on eBay.
Is this still available?
What is the measurement across the hem? Also, are these Raw or a One-Wash?
^You'd probably need a Medium in the Engineer. I wear a Large in the Andover and a Medium in the Engineer, for reference.
RKD, Blake in Portland is carrying the Hooded Bib. Not sure who else picked it up.
Isn't the issue of the '54 all about the fact that they're a zippered model and thus not a true 501? Seems like I've read that somewhere before (perhaps SuFu thread).
Quote: Originally Posted by El Argentino TacoFlavoredKisses, or anyone else who knows - What is the difference in fit between the '54 501z and the '55? I'm looking at picking up a new pair of LVC in the next few months and want to shake things up from the '47s I have already. I'd scanned through the thread already but found scant on the '54 in and of itself. It's not even mentioned in that Superfuture guide that's linked into...
New Posts  All Forums: