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Hkd 2900 (usd 375 ) for a tailor made full canvas jacket is unreasonable to ask for too much . How can you tell the padding are hand stitched ? Which type of padding ? Are you talking about the linning instead ?How much did you pay for the shirt from British Tailors ? Have you received the replacement shirt ? Is it ok ?
There are several British Tailors in HK , where is the one you are using ?Do you mind to tell us how much do you pay , fabric and construction method .
14 oz Fresco also has charcoal and black . Not many choices .
Mine is 533 dark navy (i think HFW re-number after Fresco III ). I use as blazer suit . The jacket is my favourite all year jacket.
14 oz fresco maybe a little hotter than 2 ply . However , the weave is very porus . I can wear it in August . On the other hand I have 4 ply finmeresco 11 oz, densley weaive . I cannot wear for August .
Top end tailor shops do not wish to let a budget customer to cut in the line and finish a suit with 3 fittings in a week while other customers are paying more and wait much longer.
If fit means quality of suit , then you maybe right . More fittings will normally make the suit fit better . After every fitting , the tailor need re adjustment . More number of fittings means more adjustment , it will obviously takes more time to complete.A good tailor charge reasonably never shortage of orders . Unnecessary for him to tell you whatever you want hear . Normally you need to pay half for deposit before he start to cut and balance upon satisfactory delivery...
For Hong Kong climate , fresco 2 pc for most of the time , adding a vest is good for colder days which are quite short here . Fresco 3 ply is a very hard wearing fabric with good drape . I like it .
Please aware most high end HK tailor shops offer baste fitting and forward fitting . They called final delivery third fitting . Is this the 3 fittings you want ? To me it is not . Better ask the tailor shops what is their actual 3 fittings mean ?
If you require 3 fittings , it is a lot of work to the tailors, it is no point to use cheap house fabric or vbc . VBC can be as low as hk$2xx per yard . Use better workhorse British fabric will cost marginally more.A full canvas suit average takes 3~5 days to make . Tailor shop require you to wait one month does not mean it takes one month to make a full canvas suit for you . It is because of their arrangement to make only . You need some bespoke experience in order to...
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