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What is the point to buy if their good tailors are gone ?
Your report helps here .
Really , i heard AMHC want to sell . Are they took over ? Why the new owner does not want to keep the old in house tailors , they are gems .
Warmth is not by weight only ,type of weaiving can varies . 300gm may wear warmer than 400gm worsted .
It means we cannot get craftmanship of A team if we go to Bao tou directly .
In IFC , both Ascot Chang and Tai Pan Row have their own workshops instead of sub contract to Bao Tou, is there another tailor shop there ?
Advertisement ??
Colombo has woollen fabric at 400 gm . A little hot for hk winter jacket 。
Can consider Colombo , many fabric shops in HK buy large quantites. It is easier to get better price than Joshua Ellis . I don't think HK agent sell many Joshua Ellis , you may result in cut length price + courier + their profit margin for single jacket length .
Never try Joshua Ellis , it is not famous and not popular in Hong Kong market .
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