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They are both oxford.
Just want to know if I take uk8 for Rain last and uk7.5 for Inca, what size shall I take for Detroit last?
I agree it is better to concentrate on the original topic rather than further debating..
Classic Car,Thanks for sharing your experience and information here. Please ignore the one who is keeping on ruining this thread without really contributing.
Wearing my tanker under the sun! A must have for Alden.
Conrad, Will the tan-navy regimental shantung be reissued? It is sold out so quickly....
i like this one too but my size is not available....sigh
Dear Alex, My answers are as follows:- i) I would like to see more fabrics in check pattern. Perhaps you can group them into different categories, say for business and casual, and built them with different collar type to let us have an idea of how the end product would like. ii) Winter is coming and I surely want to have flannels and tweeds for suit fabric. There would be multiple choices of patterns offered by cloths from Harrison. iii) We would like to know more...
As far as I understand, the two are made by different tailors. Details need to be confirmed by Merino Bros.
I share with u that rain is not a wide last. I think inca is a much wider last.
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