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The contents of this response seems not related to the topic....I can see there are numerous repeated topics in Styleforum, one can choose not to response if he don't want to!For good value tailors, I would like to start from the low value one, say below $2000. Creative in Mongkok and Hola Classic are examples in this level.
For members who are planning to do CMT in Hong Kong, I would like to share some information of fabric suppliers available here and the fabric they are selling: 1) Hang Hong Woollen, Tel : 2739 5271, Zegna , Dormeuil , Scabal , Holland Sherry 2) Kwong Hing Piece Good Tel : 2369 4102 Scabal , Doemeuil, VBC , E Thomas , Fintex 3) Long Wear Hong, Tel : 2734 3625 Loro Piana and VBC
Conrad's tie looks great!
As far as I understand, Lai's cost is lower than PL. He only accepts CMT at the moment.
Based on my own experience, the advantages of CMT at Lai Cfu' is the quality of his work in particular good fitting, modern style and very thin shoulder. I previously considered waiting for months was still worth. It's good to know that he starts his own business and will produce his work much faster!
They are both oxford.
Just want to know if I take uk8 for Rain last and uk7.5 for Inca, what size shall I take for Detroit last?
I agree it is better to concentrate on the original topic rather than further debating..
Wearing my tanker under the sun! A must have for Alden.
Conrad, Will the tan-navy regimental shantung be reissued? It is sold out so quickly....
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