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Hey man thanks for the reply! My suit size is a 34R (not sure if this helps) and I have to wear XS and extra-slim at most stores to make it even contour to my body usually. Do you think those Navy/Army stores carry coats that are small enough to accommodate me?
Hello all! I've been wanting to get a Pea Coat, and with Black Friday coming up, I really want to pick one up. I bought one last week from Old Navy for $30 but it's a bit big and the quality wasn't really that great. I've talked to my parents and they're giving me a budget of <$200. With that in mind, do you guys have any suggestions for Pea Coats in that price range? This will be on Black Friday (or Cyber Monday but I'm REALLY bad at measuring myself so I'd prefer to...
So where do you think would be the best place for a high schooler to get a suit? Or does it not really matter at this point?
Need some quick this a good deal?   Thinking about getting this for a banquet (I'm in high school so I don't need a super expensive suit, just something that's not horrible). For $280 after all discounts, would this be a good...
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