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so saddle brown?
What color AE polish do you guys recommend for burnished brown (Mora's). Should I go with dark brown, mocha, saddle? (pic for reference)
what about nudies, do you guys still carry them? If so, do you have average joe's in 28?
I just got a pair of 3Sixteen SL-100x's in size 28. The fit doesn't worth with my body type. I wore them for about 5 minutes in front of the mirror. Self Edge measurements: Waist \t29.5 (mine measure closer to 30") Inseam \t36.0 Thigh \t10.8 Knee \t8.2 Leg Opening \t7.5 Rise \t 10.0 If you are interested let me know ASAP, otherwise I'm going to return them for store credit. Asking price is $150 , $30 less than I paid. Thanks, Ben...
how does the key hook work? how do your keys not just fall off?
Quote: Originally Posted by wagthesam It's been 5 months since I bought these and I'm curious to hear some feedback about the fit: Old straight leg with the 34 inseam. looks great. I just ordered a pair of sl's today.
Size 28 Waist measures 14.75", and hem at 31". Only worn a few times. $85 + shipping obo
what the thigh measurement? have these been washed? how many wears?
The 3sixteen SL's (straight leg) have caught my eye. I wear regular ralphs most the time, but also own New standards and slim jims. The NS were a little too tapered and the slim jims are too tight in the thighs How would the SL's compare to the jeans I own? I want something like thew standards with less taper, but not as relaxed as the regular ralphs. Thanks, Ben
I was wondering if I could get some advice. First off, I've currently been wearing my regular ralphs, size 28 for the past 3 years nearly every day, except for 6 months when i wore a pair of new standars(size 26). I had the NS's hemmed at purchase and when i washed them, they shrank too much. I recently bought a pair of slim jims dry japan, but they are too tight in the thighs. I love my ralphs, but they are beginning to fall apart; crotch needs a second repair...
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