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The boots are posted on Brett's instagram, different angle. I dont see the clownish look some may see and couldnt resist buying them. It's just my opinion.
I honestly deleted my youtube history just now.   The thought of deleted my browsing history never crossed my mind and I have alot of smut in my internet history.   Keep up the good work.
Serious question here sorry to jump the gun on you guys.   Should I invest in a double breasted suit jacket/Vneck outfit for the meeting? As pictured in this fine gentlemen's fine video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yl0hjSJSBrI   I will appreciate your opinions as it will save me 15 bucks  http://shop.aaronmarino.com/product/ask-alpha/
I wouldn't want to hang out with you assholes.
I was under the impression that Viberg lasts all Cordovan boots prior to pre orders. Thats why they have an allocation of sizes.Cordovan has a history of being severely damaged while lasting.I have nothing to base this on, its just my observation.
Different combinations of leathers or roughouts on any shoe or boot is not aesthetically pleasing to me.It’s a great quality shoe and it does look nice, I wouldn’t wear it. This is just my personal preference.
No brokerage fees when buying directly from Viberg. Purchased the Natural Shell Cordavan service boots from 14 oz. Berlin, they do not ship directly to the US.   14 oz ship to a proxy that lives in the EU proxy then shipped to me. I dont remember all the fees and such it wasnt a big deal to me but again expect to pay 20% when dealing with overseas retailers.
The tongue is calf skin but that shouldn't detour you buying the boots. Paid $1500 for them, shipping, proxy fee etc,no buyers remorse at all.   Cant take pics right now, perhaps in a few months, hopefully the #8 cordovan service boots come in before then.
The color shades (especially the lighter shades of cordovan) change significantly and sometimes unflattering in different lighting.Below is the same Natural Shell cordovan service boots I own. See my profile pics of the same boots they look different.IMHO Brandy will look amazing but you know what they say about opinions? Picture is not mine (sorry would give credit if i remember where i got it from) but it gives you an idea on the different shades in good lighting.
Pretty interesting video from the Canadian series"The Big Decision" http://www.novamov.com/video/d80c9fd09561a Sorry for the popups i cant find the full episode on youtube.
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