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I posted this link, you may have missed it though.GQ Geezer style http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnanRVkBx-o part II is lovely too!
I do not walk around with my Dr. Seuss socks exposed as the picture suggest, the socks may give the appearance of the clownish look. Pleased with the overall look and construction of the whiskey service boots.
Viberg Service Boot - Whiskey Shell Cordovan 2045 Last
I appreciate your complement. http://www.nicelaundry.com/ Purchased the sock drawer makeover (3x 6packs for $99) pleased with this purchase, good deal, ok quality and unique socks.
Purchased this Oxford during the last sample sale, first time wearing outside.   Oxford (Sample Pattern), Natural Aniline CXL Roughout, Tan Lining, Leather Sole/Dovetail Heel, 2040 Last, No Box Toe,
  Natural shell cordovan service boot from 14oz Berlin.   One of my favorite boots I own.
Cigar Pitt boots while tearing out carpet/drywall.              
PSA size 8 walnut shell cordovan on ebay (paste not working) GL
I just received my Viberg service boots in Black shell cordovan. Great looking boot imo.
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