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Well, jackets only come in S, M, L, XL, etc.   Also - America.  I remember at some point looking at the CDC's BMI chart, and for my height & weight, being in the normal range.
  Thank you both, although this is a sad admittance, I have never owned a suit.  Probably the reason I am having so much confusion.  All I've worn in life are regular shirts, jackets, pants, etc.
I'm male, 5'7" and about average weight (140lbs.) and would like a basic long double-breasted trench coat.  Nothing too close-fit.  I like room.  What size should I be looking for?  I have no idea what the specific numbers and letters mean.  I was also looking for something like a Stafford brand.  I'd go and try some on to see, but I'll be ordering something online for convenience.   New to the whole 'clothes shopping' thing, as one can see.
New Posts  All Forums: