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Bless your heart.   I'm a young attorney at a large law firm in Midtown.  It's important for my clothes to fit well, but also important for me to not be fashion-forward (i.e. my clothes can't be tight or otherwise garish).   Thanks again for the suggestions.
 53 pages; as the inimitable Sweet Brown would say, "Ain't nobody got time fo' dat."
I have a few OTR shirts and slacks that I need minor alterations for (sleeves half an inch too long; some slacks need to be hemmed/let out at the waist).  Where should I go to get it done?  Looking for quality as well as cost-efficiency.
Friends: I just updated my thread with pictures of walnut Jeffersons:  [[SPOILER]]  Stay classy, AEAT.
 Holy granny knot, Batman.
[[SPOILER]]  The vast majority of men wouldn't notice, and the vast majority of men who noticed wouldn't care.  My opinion, therefore, is that those are fine for you to wear to an interview.  A black captoe would be better, but, eh, close enough.
I would wear a black balmoral captoe to an interview.  (AE's Park Avenue.)   Short of that, a dark brown balmoral captoe.  (AE's PA or Fifth Avenue.)
 I would imagine that a professional shoe-shiner knows how to shine all tones of brown calfskin shoes.
Apparently, at 5'10", 170 lbs, I'm morbidly obese in Hong Kong.   Curse your effete body type, Asians.
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