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I bought a pair of walnut Jefferson seconds during the sale.  I was appalled when I opened the box -- the leather was splotchy and wrinkled in prominent places, the bottom of the cut in the leather for the laces was dented inward, and the lining by the heel of one of the shoes was so deformed I could feel it through my sock.  I've bought a few pair of AE seconds before, and I realize that the reduced price is to compensate for less than perfect aesthetics, but this was way...
How much were Jeffersons (Independence Line) firsts during the 4th sale?
Just don't forget your American flag pin.   https://www.google.com/search?q=american+dad+stan&tbm=isch
 Dafuq, they had a young woman take your measurements?  I would have demanded an old Chinese man.  It's part of the experience. Also -- after having read your post (it's well-written), I'm wondering why you didn't comment on/post pics re: the quality of the shirt you had made.  Did it fit well?
I'm visiting HK in two weeks and want to get an ~$1,000 USD suit made.  If I wanted to go to a tailor like W.W. Chan or Lee, can I walk in to the store and get service, or should I call ahead (days, weeks, months?) to make a reservation?  
      Thanks for the advice; what a transformation!  (But those granny knots, though, lol.)
I don't like the color of my walnut Strands.  (Too bright; too orange.)  I've been using AE Walnut Polish on them.  Is it a bad idea for me to use AE Leather Cleaner then AE Conditioner, then AE Brown Polish on them from now on?     I'm worried that the leather will look splotchy.
Title.  I'm wondering whether it would look too boring, with conservative colors and no pattern on any article of clothing.
My understanding is the tailor fits it to your foot, starting with a fitted canvas mold.  I'm not sure if it's entirely bespoke.  Also -- I should have amended the post -- I read in the Zee's thread that cordovan is not available.   Zee's Leatherware & Shoe Co.
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