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I received the AE apparel catalog yesterday. I flipped through and found two 15% off coupons in the back. I was very disappointing to read the fine print telling me they were not usable on shoes :(
This was my experience being new to this forum/thread. I didn't know what the name of the device was, so I thought maybe it was a special measuring tool that AE used. When I went to my first AE store and they brought out the brannock I had to resist face palming in the middle of the store. I had driven over an hour and paid for parking just to get my foot measured when I could have gone down the street from my house. Of course I walked out of the store with new AE shoes...
 All my hopes of getting a Dalton made on the 8-678 last have been dashed :(
 I'm a big fan of Merlot/Burgundy if you already have Black and Walnut(or Chili). Having these three different colors gives you a wide variety of wardrobe options.
  This was the response I got from the jville outlet when I e-mailed them back in June thinking the tent sale was a nation wide thing: "Each outlet has their own tent sale or something similar. We have ours in August; really amazing prices on excellent factory seconds."
  The 1511G last is also used for three of the Orthotic Collection shoes. I own a pair of Scottsdales(Orthotic Patriots) and they certainly run big(in foot volume/depth, not width or length) when I am using the normal insole and not my custom orthotic. I was measured as a 13D on the Brannock and wear a 13D in 1511G and 8-678 where I use my custom orthotics. Both lasts still fit me well when I use the standard insoles, but for comfort and all day wear I always use my...
I noticed this when I removed my orthotics from my Scottsdales this evening:   There was no noticeable damage to them this morning when I removed my shoe trees and then placed my orthotics in to the shoes. Is this something I should be concerned about? I have owned these shoes for a little over six weeks and have maybe worn them 15 times, all with my orthotics. It's distressing to see damage to my shoes from what I consider to be very normal wear.   Edit:...
 I would certainly be interested in the navy/orange version as a second. However, my experience with the 1511G last has not been as good as with the 8-678 last. I found that the 1511G lasted shoes pinch my toes, except for the Scottsdale that I am wearing right now. I wonder why they didn't list this shoe as part of the orthotic collection?
Wow, I don't read this thread for 24 hours and there's a 184 unread posts. So much for the thread being inactive.
 Careful, read the terms. Its only if you buy from specific stores directly. And only if you sign up via that link. When I tried to sign up I was given this message "Sorry, this is by invitation only". I was attempting to sign up with my Costco Amex but no luck.
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