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So I've been thinking... Our ancestors did not have rubber soles or rubber sheets to attach to their soles, at least not during many centuries. How did they make it work with the full leather soles and metal taps without slipping on snow/ice or on wet pavement? Any theories? Thoughts? Did they just wait until the sole was well broken in and was that even sufficient or did they have a "trick"?
Hey everyone, I need some elegant shoes for clubbing riding and generally being adventurous while well dressed. The Weston Jodhpurs seemed perfect but unfortunately they do not fit me as they are way too low at the toe area (which I find odd as all their mocassins are rather high in the same spot and fit me perfectly). Anyways, I have looked at my usual brands such as Crockett and Jones, Vass etc and they all make them with silver colored hardware (it has to be brass, i...
Answer my question and I'll drill your tooth all you like.
I have looked everywhere on the internet and no one seems to have one! Crazy, right? Where might I buy one? Just a solid wood tray with handles in a dark wood such as mahogany... For eating breakfast in bed while looking stylish... Even something very simple like this would do: But unfortunately they only sell to hotels and refuse to sell to people...
I decided to switch brands as my APC are falling appart after only one year of wear... But I do like the fit of the new standards. Is there an April 77 equivalent? Thanks guys!
Okay, basically I should rename this thread "How to turn your raw APC New Standards into New Cures"... :P  
No it was 8% Acidity Alcohol Vinegar (The kind that is as transparent as water). I put in half a bottle (1/2 Litre) as I wasn't sure how much to use. I hope you're right and they will stretch back out! :)
Okay, I know most of you think I'm crazy but well, uhm... My original plan was to wear them and stretch them out as much as possible but then they started showing the first signs of coming fades after two weeks of weeks so I threw them in the wash inside out (I don't want whiskers and fades and stuff) and washed them once for 30 minutes with Vinegar in the soap compartment and then for one hour with clear water, no spin. I just laid them on the surface where I hang my...
New Posts  All Forums: