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If we're talking about the tag below, it's definitely Cantarelli.
There are a lot of posts in this thread and this one might be my favorite. Dachshunds: [[SPOILER]]
Black Friday Drop: Now $300 $270 shipped CONUS!
I recently paid$55 for a single (2 mm) hole in a hopsack;$110 for six holes (3-10 mm) in a heavy tweed. These are prices for a top-notch place in NYC, so it is probably not more expensive elsewhere. The fabric on the Poole looks like a rough tweed, which should fix up great. I can't even tell where the holes were on mine. I think it takes them some work to match the yarn and figure out the weave, so even though 22 nibbles is a lot of nibbles, you might get away for less...
Caruso for Ralph Lauren Black Label suit. Navy wool. Tagged 38 7 C (short).   Price includes shipping in the Continental US. Inquire about international shipping.   I purchased this suit used. The jacket is too short for me, so I've only tried it on. When I bought it there was a small hole in the seat. I had it dry cleaned. The hole was fixed by a professional reweaver and is now nearly invisible. See the photo below. There were no other notable flaws or damage.   At...
I bought these Brooks Brothers USA-made Horween shell cordovan penny loafers in 9E: The internet tells me that BB shoes made in the USA are usually Alden. They're too big and I'd like to trade them.  [[SPOILER]]
Aye, Belvest:
I took measurements of three of the A&S jackets and the chest is 26 on all. See the spoilers under the pictures for full measurements and, in some cases, more pics. I'm planning to update the partial listings in order of interest, so ask away.
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