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(Sorry for the bad quality of the photo)
Thanks for the welcome! I really enjoy all the combos you guys a posting here, I find it very inspirational. Hope that I can come up with some good things in the future!   -- Ole
Thank you so much for the advise. I was able to find _one_ retailer in Norway that actually sells Lexol. It's a car accessories retailer, and the only thing they have is the spray bottle. But I assume it contains the same conditioner. So now I'm only waiting for the mail :-)
I really appreciate your answer. After reading page upon page here I realise that there are people here much more experienced than I, so the only reason I shared my thoughts on shoe care was to get feedback. For me it's not just an opinion, its a very good advice :-) Thank you!
Hi!   I am pretty new to this forum, and compared to many of you here, I'm pretty new to the whole expensive shoe thing. But in the last couple of years I have developed a huge interest for shoes, and I want to take care of them the best way I can. In the beginning I was just using a random leather balsam and wax polish for my shoes, but after I joined this forum I have been presented to a whole new world. But the discussion the last days is really fucking with my...
Magnanni suede double monks, Oscar Jacobson pants and Tiger of Sweden socks
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